Sunday, April 30, 2006


k, i'm pms'ing and needless to say Hal this morning starts at me right away about laundry, vacuuming, etc. and I told him if it bothered him that much get to it, that I was enjoying my morning seeing's how my first day off was spent doing stuff around here and then a trip to Terrace to pick up stuff for HIM! I got really bitchy and cranky with him then and should have just crawled into bed.

Anyways, he goes on to call me a name that he knows will make me snap (okay, I choose too..I get that) and to me that is just soooo disrespectful. Instead of calming down I reacted. I throw, let's reitterate that..I FREAKING HURLED a set of keys up the stairs! Meaning only to have them hit the floor but do! Now I know why I never played ball. The keys hit the face plate of the stove, not the oven door but the upper face plate and now it's got a couple small dents from the keys. He had the balls to say "I can't believe you threw those at the stove!" "NO, I THREW THEM AT YOUR HEAD!" (not really, just wanted shock factor and got it..from both of us).

Anger is truly one letter away from danger cuz Hal was in danger of losing something today. However, I walked past him, told him clearly that I didn't want to hear another freaking word out of his mouth.

It's been a relatively quiet afternoon. *grin*


ps: I love Hal and he loves me but this morning was not a touchy, feely, happy one...we've kissed and made up and now have to pay to get the plate replaced on the stove.

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Jenny said...

Scott and I have many days like that. It's called being in a relationship!!!
Hope you have a better day!! See you guys Tuesday!