Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby smiles are the best!

So i've got Kali "Ms. Adorable" for the day and she comes in this morning with the sweetest, biggest smile and it melts my heart everytime!! Doug and Shari, she's amazing and such a good blend of the both of you. *we'll see what she's taken after them when she's three and pitching a fit, lol*

Hal gets up shortly after she gets here and this is a guy who's not a morning person and usually heads right for the shower. Well this morning he makes sure to stop and say 'Mornin' Kali, mornin', mornin' girlie. Aww, who's so smiley just for Uncle Zero?? Who's the cutest little girl?' Well she's just giving him the biggest, flirtiest grins and holds her head to the side, squinches up her cute eyes and totally plays up to Uncle Hal! He leans in and gives her a little smoochie and off to the shower. He's such a sucker for babies, especially those of our friends and it just makes me wanna smoosh and squish him when he's like that.

We're off to the mall later this morning to get the Easter Bunny set up to deliver eggs to the kids and to get some treats for tomorrow. Grocery store stop too for some things for Easter Dinner tomorrow. It's really throwing me off having Friday off..hey, don't get me wrong it's all good but today totally feels like Sunday!

k, off to shower while Sleeping Cutie snoozes.


Jenny said...

I'm so jealous...but in a good way!! Give her a big hug and kiss from me!!!

Pen said...

Already done Auntie with many more too.

ps Kali says "Love you Auntie Jenny! Auntie Pen is taking good care of me, we're off to see the Easter Bunny soon!"

Sharijoy said...

I am sooooooooooo lucky to have GREAT FRIENDS like you too who love my Girl justr as much as I do ... and thats no small feat