Friday, April 14, 2006

First Reaction

Type your FIRST REACTION when you hear these 35 words (don't spend time thinking - just your gut reaction please):

1. I need: Love
2. Sex: fun
3. Relationships: good
4. Your Last Ex: Wet kisser....not the reason we split, lol
5. Power: Scary if in the wrong hands
6. Marijuana: Yawn
7. Crack: on my kitchen tile
8. Food: Chicken
9. This President: I'm Canadian, no comment
10. WAR: stop it
11. Cars: Fast
12. Gas Prices: a freaking joke
13. Halloween: Costumes
14. Bon Jovi: big hair
15. Religion: spirtual
16. BlogSpot: connection to friends
17. Worst Fear: waking up to a big spider crawling on me
18. Marriage: 14 years common law
19. Fashion: haha! umm, errr unique
20. Brunettes: are fun too
21. Redheads: my sister and Mom
22. Work: I need a raise and more hours!
23: Pass the time: enjoying company of friends and family
24: Football: awesome live
25: One night Stands: yup, nothing to be boasting about but I was young
26: Pet Peeve: chewing with your mouth open or smacking gum
27: Pixie Stix: Loved them
28: Vanilla Ice: ??
29: Porta Potties: oh yuck!
30: High school: College was wayy more fun!
31: Pajamas: really?? Mostly just a t'shirt I guess
32. Wood: love the smell of it burning
33. Surfers: Dude!
34. Pictures: family
35. First Love: Richard, I was 8 and he kissed me up in a tree and I popped him one, he fell and broke his arm...ahhh true love