Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thanks ladies!!

I truly do appreciate all the positive thots and prayers. We've been down this road before and managed to get pregnant only to lose one at 12 weeks and the other around 18 weeks. We are okay with the possibility we may never have children and are so thankful for our friends who do have children and have given us the opportunity to love their kids.

xo Pen


Tanya said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost two...I didn't know that. Its so hard, and everyone grieves in their own way.

You are in my prayers Penny. We too accepted the fact that maybe we were to only have one child, but we were blessed with two...they're five years apart, but thats the way it was suppose to be. No matter what happens, I pray that you have peace in either circumstance. Thanks for sharing this very personal journey with all of us.

Janelle said...

i put you on my friends list too! does that mean we are friends now!? haha.

Sharijoy said...

LOVE YOU PEN AND HAL!!! I'm thankful you's are in our lives!! again thoughts and prayers be with you.

Jenny said...

You have such a wonderful and beautiful positive spirit!!! I am in awe of people like you and Shari who can keep a positive attitude about everything.(unlike myself unfortunately!)