Friday, September 28, 2007

We're off!

Roughly 29 hours from now we'll have Rio! We will be flying out this afternoon and then as the post below shows we'll be extremely busy. I slept really well last night but have a feeling tonight will be a little tougher.

We're so appreciative of Scott and Gloria loaning us Dozer's travel case. I have to tell you that seeing Dozer standing next to this travel case he dwarfed it and it's so hard to believe at one point that bruiser fit in there, lol.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for putting up with our excitement and continued talk of getting our boy. See you soon!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meals this week...

Back to meal planning as it makes cooking so much easier and Hal knows what to start while i'm at work.

In no particular order:

Pork buttons in a sticky garlic glaze, garden salad and rice
Pasta with turkey sausage and tomato sauce, spinach salad and garlic toast
Pot roast, potatoes and steamed peas
BBQ chicken burgers, greek salad and pita bread

That's it for this week as we'll be in Vancouver from Friday until Sunday.

Counting down the days

The countdown has begun....6 more sleeps and Rio will be in our arms! I can't wait for all the puppy love and to have him join our family.

It's going to be such a rushed trip but such a nice getaway too. We fly out Friday afternoon and will be staying with our family in Maple Ridge. Saturday morning we're getting up early to go get some shopping done then head to Chilliwack to get our pup. We will spend an hour or so with the breeder filling out paper work and getting filled in on all things puppy.

We will then head to our familys place in Port Coquitlam, head out for dinner and then off to the BC Lions game. Sunday morning we'll have brunch, off to do more shopping and then head to the airport to fly out on Sunday evening.

Hal and I both now have Monday off and if i'm not needed at work then the 5 of us will spend our first day at home all together. WHEW busy but i'm excited.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The name game

This is our little fella now at 6 weeks and 11 pounds. We're contemplating a name change but still really like Rio. The only problem is we have Cleo and don't want people thinking we named the same just because.

Here are some other name options we're considering:

Titus (although for some reason I think tight ass when I say it, lol)





Osbourne – Born from a Bear


Any other suggestions or what ones do you like?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New picture of Rio

Well our boy is huge! The breeder says he's over 10 lbs now and we don't get him for another two and a half weeks so she estimates that he will be about 14 lbs by then...OMG!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


comes with accessories, everything must go as is!

boat cover, fishing rods, tackle, trailer
& anchor....

**hubby is attached to the anchor!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday morning blues

What a great weekend this one was....Friday night dinner with good friends, Saturday was Miss Kali's second birthday party, Saturday night was Bingo (I haven't played in years and had no idea it was computerized now!!!!) We stayed for late night and arrived home at 1:30 a.m. and for the life of me I could not sleep. Finally at 4:30 a.m. I crawled into bed and slept until 5:30 when Hal woke up to go fishing with a friend. Fell back to sleep until 9:30 when the phone rang and then off for breakfast with Shari and the kids, from there we went to Scott and Gloria's and participated in Sam's going away/18th Birthday lunch as she was flying out last night. WHEWWWWWW!!! This morning i'm exhausted but very happy!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mish Mash

Lots on my mind...

I can't believe summer is basically over!! I thought July went by fast but August was a complete blur.

My new job is wonderful, i'm truly happy. Just had the three month review and they're going to be keeping me around! There are no doubts that this was the right move. My co-workers and new boss are great and it's a really nice, calm office environment. Not sure if you all know what I do but it's Accounts Payable/Receivable and Finance. There are three of us upstairs in the office and then there are the mechanics, regional manager and secretary downstairs. I'm finally feeling like i've got a grip on the job and really must have because new jobs are being handed to me regularly and it's a nice challenge.

At first the switch from part time to full time was really hard but have settled into a nice routine. However, by night i'm exhausted and don't really go online a lot. With winter coming i'm sure that will change.

You all know that after 19 months of waiting our puppy has finally arrived and he's growing so fast! The breeder is being very good about sending pictures but truthfully I wish she would send them daily but understand she's got a job and life of her own. Hal and I are looking forward to bringing him home and getting him settled. We'll be flying out at the end of the month to pick him up and hope that he's still little enough to fit into the cabin with us but the breeder said that Rio and his brother are exceptionally big for their age. Their sister is quite a bit smaller right now but i'm sure she'll catch up.

Cleo and Willow are doing very well and have NOOOOOOOO idea what is coming but i'm sure after a bit of an adjustment period they'll get along fine.....well maybe not so much Willow because half the time she doesn't like Hal and I, lol. Bitchy little cat but we love her.

I'm feeling out of sorts in regards to certain areas of my life; mainly getting more physically active. It's a vicious circle, i'm exhausted after work but know that if I would just go for a walk or to the gym right away that it would cause more energy but it's to just DO IT!! How do you get yourself motivated? I'm not sure if it's self sabotage by saying "too tired, later!" or if i'm really too tired. The other thing is healthier eating. We don't eat horribly but we also don't eat as healthy as we should. My brain knows what is a better choice but it's like there's a stubborn child inside insisting that I CAN have that. The more I don't want it the more the other part of me does....sounds nuts huh...perhaps that's my alter... you know the skinny bitch who weighs 160lbs and is hot! LMAO However, i've got an elliptical, yoga tapes, exercise ball and ZERO ambition. Someone kick me in the ass please!!!
It's not so much that I hate what I look like, although it's not that I love it, but it's the overall effect this extra weight is having on the rest of my can it be healthy right?!?!.

Anyways, enough rambling for tonight and thank you all for your comments on the other topic....still rubbing my ass from Sue's boots but I will stick around. It's not that I meant to say you guys don't care....but did I care, is the blog worth the effort and it is. As i'm typing this I realize that as fun as facebook is blogging is truly therapeutic.

Hugs and good wishes to all. Miss you and see you soon.