Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random thots....

-I ate dirt and rocks as a child and tried lug nuts but guess they didn't taste to good..took it to my Grampie and told him 'Yucks for babes gumpy..yucks for babes!"
-gravel can stay in your palms and knees for a very long time
-hardly turned down a dare, thus there were numerous trips to the hospital with stitches, xrays, removal of nail and glass from feet
-remember when hanging from monkey bars to keep your legs bent at the knees UNTIL you're ready to get down
-Thinking the dog is wrestling with you and laughing cuz he's tickling your ribs is funny until you realize what he's really doing!
-Ted E Bear was my confidant as a child and now poor fella is on the top shelf in my closet
-Lord watch out for the poor soul who picked on my baby sister...that was my department
-Cat's do not particularly care for being tossed in the creek to have their swimming skills tested
-Trusting that your brother is truly looking out for your best interests as he has you hurl yourself down a gravel pit trail is not the brightest decision *had my new bike for 3 days and did that sucker ever sail over my head nicely, who cares that I had concussion, a badly scraped back and bruised all over...I could only cry for that beautiful, new purple bike and that Mom and Dad would probably take it away cuz I crashed.
-flaming marshmallows landing on your Dad's beer are not considered very funny by Dad
-Mom's have super duper hearing when you're muttering under you breath and they also have this uncanny ability to go from one end of the trailer to the other and you don't hear only know it cuz they cuffed you upside the head for muttering!
-Tang crystals were considered a staple of our childhood. "No Mom, we didn't take the Tang." She gives you the "I don't believe you" look and tells you your fibbing. HOW DID SHE KNOW?!?! Wouldn't have been the orange fingers her three children had, never.
-Pets love you even if you've been a complete butt..heck just walk out the door and come back in 5 seconds and they'll act like you've been away forever and give you lotsa love and butt wiggles.
-Children laughing is the best music, watching them play and listening to them when they talk to you can be some of lifes greatest lessons.
-Friends are like rays of sunshine on a cloudy day and your umbrella on days when the storm is really bad

Thursday, February 23, 2006

forgot to add this...

Random thoughts:

Cleo has gas and chewing on that rawhide bone WILL NOT HELP plus the chewing sound is irritating.

On to a less smelly subject.

I'm really working hard on becoming a more positive person so have started writing 3 good things every day. Todays 3 things:

-Fruit's like a bowlful of sunshine for your tummy

-Watching the kids investigate the water flowing in the ditch and hearing their laughter. It's such a wonderful sound and reminded me of playing as a child after school and walking into the house to the smell of homemade soup and bread!

-Having a warm bed to snuggle in and books to read.

Ending with a simple thought... Appreciate those you meet today for they could be the one who will be there for all your tomorrows.

Well here it is the last week of February already. I can't believe how flipping fast time flies now as an adult. when you're a kid there should be a document that tells you that cuz how could your parents possibly know what they're talking about.

"Don't wish your childhood away! You'll regret it."

I remember those lazy summer days as a kid getting out of bed and scarfing down breakfast just so you could get outside and play. The cold crisp air and that chill that you'd need a sweater for but in a few hours you'd be stripped down as much as you could be.
Swimming, horseback riding, dirt biking and running through the fields with your friends playing all kinds of games. It was amazing how much you could get done in such a short time and then by early afternoon you were telling your Mom "I'm bored Mom, there's nothing to do!"

Wish I could be bored again and have nothing to do, lol.
Hal and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of fur. Tomorrow is the due date but it could be a few more.

We've also become new homeowners....what a challenge that was at times and poor Hal was read the riot act about buying a home. We take possession on the 10th of March. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Rancher. It's got living room, family room, laundry room, kitchen, nice deck out back, fully landscaped and fenced yard with a two car garage and brick driveway!!!! I WOULD HAVE A ROOM OF MY OWN TO SET UP FOR SCRAPBOOKING AND OTHER CRAFTY THINGS! OMG HAL AND I THOUGHT WE'D NEVER FIND SOMETHING LIKE THAT and I personally didn't think Hal would survive. Now if we can only get past furniture and paint choices, lol. I love that man with all my heart but I could beat him with a big stick sometimes.