Thursday, February 23, 2006

forgot to add this...

Random thoughts:

Cleo has gas and chewing on that rawhide bone WILL NOT HELP plus the chewing sound is irritating.

On to a less smelly subject.

I'm really working hard on becoming a more positive person so have started writing 3 good things every day. Todays 3 things:

-Fruit's like a bowlful of sunshine for your tummy

-Watching the kids investigate the water flowing in the ditch and hearing their laughter. It's such a wonderful sound and reminded me of playing as a child after school and walking into the house to the smell of homemade soup and bread!

-Having a warm bed to snuggle in and books to read.

Ending with a simple thought... Appreciate those you meet today for they could be the one who will be there for all your tomorrows.


Jenny said...

I love all your thoughts...they are so nice!!!!