Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures of our boy Gibson

Wow, I can't believe what a difference a puppy can make. Hal and I are both very happy and the house seems alive again. I was thinking back to when Cleo was first sick in November and how things really hadn't been the same since then.

I still deal with guilt about not having her put to sleep sooner but the reality is that we didn't know it was Kidney disease. We thought it was the Spondylosis (sp) and the fracture on her back. I do find comfort knowing that she is now at peace and no longer suffering any pain. We still miss her cuddles and her singing when we come home and the way she would always greet us with one of her special babies.

Here, though, is the new bright spot in our life and what a happy little boy he is. We decided on the name Gibson for a few reasons. First being that little kids would quite often say something else, we didn't want him to only come when called "Tucker, you little f$%@&r" hehehe. Gibson makes me think of Guitars and in turn lots of good memories. For Hal, thinking after we had him named, that his Aunt totally adored Mel Gibson. Have to admit that I didn't even think of Mel when we thought of Gibson, lol.

Anywhooo, here is our Mr. Gibson Boy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adding to our family

As most of you know we are adding a lab puppy to our household this weekend. As much as I'm so excited and happy to have the sound of little feet, the smell of puppy breath and a loyal companion I am terrified that something will be wrong with him.

We have had no luck with our furbabies in the last little bit. I guess that's not quite right - Cleo was older, but still not old enough and Quade was a pup. In no way is this to replace our other babies, you can't possibly. But it's still worrisome "will his hips be okay? will he have any other medical conditions that may take him from us? how long will we have him?" As with anything in life there is no guarantee and we can only love him and keep him safe and healthy as we possibly can. Other then that it's in God's hands.

Hal has been asking about Hip certification, overall health of parents, etc. Really when you look at some of the great breedings out there it's all a frigging gamble. I told him we lived it and we lost. His littermates are totally healthy and strong - it's a gamble. Then said "Perhaps we should call him Gamble because that's what it is." We aren't paying huge money for him, the lady said she just wants them to go to good homes. She basically would like to cover their Vet checkup/shots bill, travel/delivery.

We've selected Labs for their gregarious nature, sweet dispostion and the love of water and people. Thought that it would be a good fit with a Rotti pup should we get the replacement.

Any name ideas?

Thanks for listening to the whinefest too, have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring has sprung!

It feels good this season they call Spring! It's a joyful time with the 'aliveness' of all the trees, animals and even us humans.

Hal and I are doing okay with the loss of Cleo, it wasn't as hard as we had anticipated because she was so ill and in a great deal of pain. We miss her funny antics and being greeted at the door when we come home. Have to say that is one of the hardest parts, the loneliness of an empty house knowing they aren't just away on a holiday.

The Relay for Life is this weekend and the weather is supposed to be decent but really if it rains the Relay will go on. Rather enlightening hmmm - Cancer doesn't stop because of a little rain so why should we.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring too and enjoying this beautiful weather!
xo Pen