Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Pen - are you in there??


These days I'm feeling pulled in 10 different directions and there is not a lot of time or ambition to do what I would like or need to do. I'm feeling trapped, smothered, stuck! I want to kick of my shoes, run barefoot in the grass and have days of time to do complete nothingness. But with that said, it would drive me crazy too with no real goal.

There are times that I could just say "Screw it - look out world here I come!" These are the days I regret settling down way to early and not traveling the globe or spending more time figuring out who Penny was. Don't get me wrong, I love Hal but days like today just fuck me up. I don't need someone elses freaking attitude and can't say diddly because then it's just being a nag. "Well listen and hear what is being said the first time and it wouldn't have to be repeated!"

Gibson is growing way to fast and has now decided that waking up at 5:00 a.m. to snuggle with us is the bomb. It was not appreciated this morning but had to laugh at him though for his determination. When he realized he was not going to get to sleep in bed with us he beelined it for underneath the bed but he's grown quite a bit and doesn't fit so easily under. I looked down and saw his two little back legs sticking out from underneath but he though that all his parts were tucked in nice and tight, lol. Pulled him out and he was snapping like a baby alligator but begrudgingly went back into his crate.

Hormones are going out of whack again and this is also causing moodiness on my part *jeez ya think!* Gibson and I try to walk every night and will need to add at least one additional one in the morning to tucker him out a bit before being crated during the day.

Off to soak this bitchy broad in a bubble bath!