Friday, June 19, 2009

So much happening and the days fly by!

Wow, there's such a mix of good, bad and some just plain sad. The good stuff - the new payroll position is now officially mine. Deborah's last day was today and it's sort of a mixed bag of emotions. Starting something new is scary, whether a new job or retirement. I honestly don't know how it would be to go from working 40+ hours a week to suddenly having days to yourself. Yes, granted it would be enjoyable at first but then what? Starting a new position - am I ready?? Well I guess it's a matter of time. Deborah has left some pretty big shoes to fill and that in itself is intimidating, lol. When one has been in a position for such a length of time it truly is hard to pass on all that you know, heck there's things that are so much a part of your day that you don't even realize you've done it. (hope that made sense).

The bad - FINANCES!! Sheesh, cut us some slack already!!! Hot water tank, house insurance, intake manifold on the truck, vet bills from Cleo plus regular monthly bills and groceries. You know I'm not greedy cuz really $250,000.00 would be sweet, hell for that matter $25,000 would be awesome too. I know these aren't expenses that come up all the time, we've been lucky but holy shit all at once these came up and I hate the whole money issue.

The sad - a dear co-worker is dying of cancer. Suzanne has the most amazing laugh! I tell you, she'd laugh downstairs at work and it was guaranteed to make each of us smile and giggle. It hasn't been the same since she's been gone. Gary is facing one tough road and I won't begin to say I understand. Their love story warms my heart and at the same time tears it in two. They were robbed of a long life together. Please keep them both in your prayers, these are two very special people.

Shari too has just lost her Dad. It's never easy to lose your parent no matter how old you may be, especially if you're a 'Daddy's girl'. It's always hard to find the right words or to remember to just be quiet and listen. I'm thinking of you Shari and can only say "there is no set timeline for grieving, remember to just be" Hugs and love to you dear friend!

On the same note we've lost another friend to cancer. Sylvia was so young, she leaves behind her husband Andrew (works with Hal at OWT) and their 6 year old daughter. Sylvia was another remarkable woman - she always took the time to listen, was quick to smile, laugh and she treated those around her as equals.

The happy - Gibson, Hal, Family and Friends!! There is so much to be thankful and happy for. I'm not one to relish in other peoples misfortune and to see what friends are going through right now really puts life into perspective!

Gibby is a cat chasing, kid lovin', car ridin', plant eatin' holy terror!! Wow, miss a walk with that boy and wooo hoooo, the living room, hallway and kitchen become the Indy 500 track! He's amazing and we're both so in love with him. Here are some of the newest pictures of him when Parker came for a sleepover with Auntie and Uncle.