Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday morning wake up call

I love you Gibson
I love you Gibson
I love you Gibson

Woke up this morning at 6:45 a.m. to my boy whining and wanting outside to do his business. He went out, brought him back in and tucked him back in his crate. Usually he goes back to sleep for at least an hour - this morning my handsome black boy wanted to stay up while I had visions of pillows, duvets and sleeping going through my head.

We ended up getting up and started getting some much needed housework done.

Later today it's off to Terrace with a friend to get a few odds and ends and then tomorrow after work I'll hit a few places here in town that I need to finish up shopping.

Bye for now,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Howdy in Blogland

Hope all is well with each of you and I'm not sure there is anyone even reading this anymore but what's important is that I have a place to just be and say whatever is going on in my crazy mind, lol.

Last night and today i've been thinking about Favourite holiday memories or traditions.

-I love, love, love the National Lampoon's Christmas movie - I never tire of watching it and laugh just as hard, if not harder at times.

-I miss with all my heart our big family Christmas in 100 Mile House surrounded by mayhem, madness, great food, laughter and always lots of love!

-The smell of a real tree, nothing beats it!

-Mom's stuffing

-The excitement of Christmas Eve as a child is still such a strong memory and it's wonderful seeing it on children's faces

-Snow, crisp, slowly drifting down from the starlit sky

-The smell of turkey cooking in the oven

-Friends stopping by to say hello, enjoying the holiday spirit and the sharing of friendship

-Turning off all the lights except for the Christmas tree lights and enjoying the sight

-Memories of our toboggan and Vernon Mann pulling us up and down the driveway of the trailer park in 100 Mile

-Christmas here when Michele, Cary and the boys drove all the way here to spend it with us!!

What are some of our favourite memories?

Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas and that 2010 is filled with memories of love, laughter and happiness.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Getaway!!

Hal and I have one week of holidays left and we're going to take part of that time to take off to Vancouver and see the Canucks play. One of the first things he asks is "Should we call so and so?" First response was "NO, he monopolizes way too much of your time and you spent enough time on OUR last holiday with him!"

Perhaps I'm being selfish but damnit our time away sucked for me because we did very little together. I want us to have time alone to do something for a change. Last time we took in the Lions game we had a whole crew and though it was fun there was no time for the two of us. Checking into some of the hotels in Vancouver that offer the whole package deal looks promising. One of them included: 2 tickets to the game (entry level), one nights accomodation, free security parking at the hotel, transportation to and from the game if needed and hot breakfasts all for $300.00. It may sound like a lot but really the freedom that comes with not having to drive to and from the game, pay for parking, breakfast for two in a restaurant, tickets for the games and a hotel???? WORTH IT TO ME! We won't be paying for flights as we have more then enough Save on More points for that so why not?!?!

I'm going to be firm and stick with the 'US TIME!" Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

god dammit!

I just spent 10 minutes venting and with one hit of a key it was wiped out. Now I'm crying out of pure frustration!!! What this boils down to I guess is needing to start getting selfish for myself. If one of us can do it and think there is nothing wrong with it then perhaps it's my turn.

Gone to bed and fucking mad!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to blogging?

Perhaps but I'm not sure if there are even any lurkers out there.  The question though is, "Does it matter?  This is a place for me to say what's on my mind, what's new in life, etc." 
Currently I'm working on organizing this chaotic heap that I call an office.  I'm searching for shelving units in order to complete the closet and that will help with organization.  There are bins, totes, etc. that need to have places found for them.  The other option is to just throw it in the closet, get a curtain rod and a nice covering to hide it. 
For now it's sorting through the paperwork, filing and getting the little boxes put away.  I'm a hoarder of boxes for electronics. (you now, just in case it's going to need to be returned, pathetic but I'm working on parting with the ones from three years ago.)
Off to work!

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries. -Corita Kent

Faster Hotmail access now on the new MSN homepage.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Pen - are you in there??


These days I'm feeling pulled in 10 different directions and there is not a lot of time or ambition to do what I would like or need to do. I'm feeling trapped, smothered, stuck! I want to kick of my shoes, run barefoot in the grass and have days of time to do complete nothingness. But with that said, it would drive me crazy too with no real goal.

There are times that I could just say "Screw it - look out world here I come!" These are the days I regret settling down way to early and not traveling the globe or spending more time figuring out who Penny was. Don't get me wrong, I love Hal but days like today just fuck me up. I don't need someone elses freaking attitude and can't say diddly because then it's just being a nag. "Well listen and hear what is being said the first time and it wouldn't have to be repeated!"

Gibson is growing way to fast and has now decided that waking up at 5:00 a.m. to snuggle with us is the bomb. It was not appreciated this morning but had to laugh at him though for his determination. When he realized he was not going to get to sleep in bed with us he beelined it for underneath the bed but he's grown quite a bit and doesn't fit so easily under. I looked down and saw his two little back legs sticking out from underneath but he though that all his parts were tucked in nice and tight, lol. Pulled him out and he was snapping like a baby alligator but begrudgingly went back into his crate.

Hormones are going out of whack again and this is also causing moodiness on my part *jeez ya think!* Gibson and I try to walk every night and will need to add at least one additional one in the morning to tucker him out a bit before being crated during the day.

Off to soak this bitchy broad in a bubble bath!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So much happening and the days fly by!

Wow, there's such a mix of good, bad and some just plain sad. The good stuff - the new payroll position is now officially mine. Deborah's last day was today and it's sort of a mixed bag of emotions. Starting something new is scary, whether a new job or retirement. I honestly don't know how it would be to go from working 40+ hours a week to suddenly having days to yourself. Yes, granted it would be enjoyable at first but then what? Starting a new position - am I ready?? Well I guess it's a matter of time. Deborah has left some pretty big shoes to fill and that in itself is intimidating, lol. When one has been in a position for such a length of time it truly is hard to pass on all that you know, heck there's things that are so much a part of your day that you don't even realize you've done it. (hope that made sense).

The bad - FINANCES!! Sheesh, cut us some slack already!!! Hot water tank, house insurance, intake manifold on the truck, vet bills from Cleo plus regular monthly bills and groceries. You know I'm not greedy cuz really $250,000.00 would be sweet, hell for that matter $25,000 would be awesome too. I know these aren't expenses that come up all the time, we've been lucky but holy shit all at once these came up and I hate the whole money issue.

The sad - a dear co-worker is dying of cancer. Suzanne has the most amazing laugh! I tell you, she'd laugh downstairs at work and it was guaranteed to make each of us smile and giggle. It hasn't been the same since she's been gone. Gary is facing one tough road and I won't begin to say I understand. Their love story warms my heart and at the same time tears it in two. They were robbed of a long life together. Please keep them both in your prayers, these are two very special people.

Shari too has just lost her Dad. It's never easy to lose your parent no matter how old you may be, especially if you're a 'Daddy's girl'. It's always hard to find the right words or to remember to just be quiet and listen. I'm thinking of you Shari and can only say "there is no set timeline for grieving, remember to just be" Hugs and love to you dear friend!

On the same note we've lost another friend to cancer. Sylvia was so young, she leaves behind her husband Andrew (works with Hal at OWT) and their 6 year old daughter. Sylvia was another remarkable woman - she always took the time to listen, was quick to smile, laugh and she treated those around her as equals.

The happy - Gibson, Hal, Family and Friends!! There is so much to be thankful and happy for. I'm not one to relish in other peoples misfortune and to see what friends are going through right now really puts life into perspective!

Gibby is a cat chasing, kid lovin', car ridin', plant eatin' holy terror!! Wow, miss a walk with that boy and wooo hoooo, the living room, hallway and kitchen become the Indy 500 track! He's amazing and we're both so in love with him. Here are some of the newest pictures of him when Parker came for a sleepover with Auntie and Uncle.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures of our boy Gibson

Wow, I can't believe what a difference a puppy can make. Hal and I are both very happy and the house seems alive again. I was thinking back to when Cleo was first sick in November and how things really hadn't been the same since then.

I still deal with guilt about not having her put to sleep sooner but the reality is that we didn't know it was Kidney disease. We thought it was the Spondylosis (sp) and the fracture on her back. I do find comfort knowing that she is now at peace and no longer suffering any pain. We still miss her cuddles and her singing when we come home and the way she would always greet us with one of her special babies.

Here, though, is the new bright spot in our life and what a happy little boy he is. We decided on the name Gibson for a few reasons. First being that little kids would quite often say something else, we didn't want him to only come when called "Tucker, you little f$%@&r" hehehe. Gibson makes me think of Guitars and in turn lots of good memories. For Hal, thinking after we had him named, that his Aunt totally adored Mel Gibson. Have to admit that I didn't even think of Mel when we thought of Gibson, lol.

Anywhooo, here is our Mr. Gibson Boy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adding to our family

As most of you know we are adding a lab puppy to our household this weekend. As much as I'm so excited and happy to have the sound of little feet, the smell of puppy breath and a loyal companion I am terrified that something will be wrong with him.

We have had no luck with our furbabies in the last little bit. I guess that's not quite right - Cleo was older, but still not old enough and Quade was a pup. In no way is this to replace our other babies, you can't possibly. But it's still worrisome "will his hips be okay? will he have any other medical conditions that may take him from us? how long will we have him?" As with anything in life there is no guarantee and we can only love him and keep him safe and healthy as we possibly can. Other then that it's in God's hands.

Hal has been asking about Hip certification, overall health of parents, etc. Really when you look at some of the great breedings out there it's all a frigging gamble. I told him we lived it and we lost. His littermates are totally healthy and strong - it's a gamble. Then said "Perhaps we should call him Gamble because that's what it is." We aren't paying huge money for him, the lady said she just wants them to go to good homes. She basically would like to cover their Vet checkup/shots bill, travel/delivery.

We've selected Labs for their gregarious nature, sweet dispostion and the love of water and people. Thought that it would be a good fit with a Rotti pup should we get the replacement.

Any name ideas?

Thanks for listening to the whinefest too, have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring has sprung!

It feels good this season they call Spring! It's a joyful time with the 'aliveness' of all the trees, animals and even us humans.

Hal and I are doing okay with the loss of Cleo, it wasn't as hard as we had anticipated because she was so ill and in a great deal of pain. We miss her funny antics and being greeted at the door when we come home. Have to say that is one of the hardest parts, the loneliness of an empty house knowing they aren't just away on a holiday.

The Relay for Life is this weekend and the weather is supposed to be decent but really if it rains the Relay will go on. Rather enlightening hmmm - Cancer doesn't stop because of a little rain so why should we.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring too and enjoying this beautiful weather!
xo Pen

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here we go again

I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out and thinking 'Why?'

We are having Cleo put down on Monday evening, my poor girl has shrunk away to nothing and is suffering terribly. You see the pain in her eyes and I just wish she could tell me where it hurts. She's now lost almost 30 lbs and is a mere shadow of her former beautiful self. My girl with a heart full of love, eyes that speak volumes and her funny little nubbin is 8.5 years old and leaving us far too soon.

We don't really know what's causing the weightloss as her appetite picked up really well and she was eating three times a day but continued to lose weight. She drinks a lot but has no quality of life. It takes her 20 minutes just to go out and pee. Last night she staggered and started to fall over so I ran and grabbed her before she fell on the bricks, carried her inside and set her down. She was exhausted, panting in pain and out of sorts. We had called the Vet's office earlier in the week but the soonest they could get us in is Monday evening - this has been a good thing but soooo very difficult too. We get to spoil her for a few more days, snuggle with her and love her but what benefits us only causes her more time in pain.

We've been down this road only a short year ago and it's just way too soon. I say that we'll get another dog before we get the pup next spring but we'll see how the heart feels after Monday.

Off to pick my girlie up from the floor, take her to bed and cuddle with her for a little while longer. She's still so amazing though, try to not cry but they start out of the blue and she gives the gentlest kisses and nuzzles in a little closer. Perhaps I'm humanizing her but right now it's what this aching heart needs.

xo Pen

Monday, April 20, 2009


There are a few things I enjoy doing. Now this doesn't necessarily mean I'm good at them, lol. I'd called up Shari yesterday to see what she was up to in the evening and she had no plans to speak of so asked if she'd like to go out and take some pictures. She thought it would be nice to get out too, now we had no idea what we were going to make the subject of the photo shoot but would figure that out.

Sometimes it's nice to fly by the seat of your pants and not necessarily go looking for a particular thing but to sort of let it come to you. If you take a look to the right you'll see "Penz Photos", I've posted the pictures there from our night out.

It was a mini adventure and not that we did a lot of talking but it was nice to be in the company of a good friend and just be.

Thank you Shari for the Sunday night hang out!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yay - Import and Export

I DID IT!!!! I've imported all the posts from the old template that I had. Back then there was no way that I could get it imported, had tried and tried but now blogger has an import/export feature that is soooo easy to use.

It's nice to have the history back here but now have to read through and see what may need to be deleted, lol.

I'm coming back to blogging as I miss it terribly. Making some changes, doing some housecleaning on here and will be back very soon!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


yes, we are still alive and breathing here but I have to say:


Life has been crazy busy as it is with all of you but I'm hoping that soon, very soon I'll be able to blog more. The office is almost complete but for some shelving and a few finishing touches. It's nice to have everything in here with room to move! Some scrapbooking has already started taking place in this wonderful space!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring!
xo Penny

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meal plan coming up

Hal bought me the "Biggest Loser" cookbook for Christmas and I love it! Now before some of you get offended you have to realize that Hal and I faithfully watch the show and I've often commented on recipes for healthier meals and loved some of the ones they've come up with.

Hal knows I struggle with food, specifically Carb cravings from PCOS. The cookbook gives you lots of great recipes for all meals, snacks and YES even desserts!

I will be meal planning for this week using a lot of recipes from the cookbook. I'm not vouching for how good or bad they will be as this is the first time using them but will post any recipes that any of you would like to try.

Take care and Bon apetit!