Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here we go again

I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out and thinking 'Why?'

We are having Cleo put down on Monday evening, my poor girl has shrunk away to nothing and is suffering terribly. You see the pain in her eyes and I just wish she could tell me where it hurts. She's now lost almost 30 lbs and is a mere shadow of her former beautiful self. My girl with a heart full of love, eyes that speak volumes and her funny little nubbin is 8.5 years old and leaving us far too soon.

We don't really know what's causing the weightloss as her appetite picked up really well and she was eating three times a day but continued to lose weight. She drinks a lot but has no quality of life. It takes her 20 minutes just to go out and pee. Last night she staggered and started to fall over so I ran and grabbed her before she fell on the bricks, carried her inside and set her down. She was exhausted, panting in pain and out of sorts. We had called the Vet's office earlier in the week but the soonest they could get us in is Monday evening - this has been a good thing but soooo very difficult too. We get to spoil her for a few more days, snuggle with her and love her but what benefits us only causes her more time in pain.

We've been down this road only a short year ago and it's just way too soon. I say that we'll get another dog before we get the pup next spring but we'll see how the heart feels after Monday.

Off to pick my girlie up from the floor, take her to bed and cuddle with her for a little while longer. She's still so amazing though, try to not cry but they start out of the blue and she gives the gentlest kisses and nuzzles in a little closer. Perhaps I'm humanizing her but right now it's what this aching heart needs.

xo Pen

Monday, April 20, 2009


There are a few things I enjoy doing. Now this doesn't necessarily mean I'm good at them, lol. I'd called up Shari yesterday to see what she was up to in the evening and she had no plans to speak of so asked if she'd like to go out and take some pictures. She thought it would be nice to get out too, now we had no idea what we were going to make the subject of the photo shoot but would figure that out.

Sometimes it's nice to fly by the seat of your pants and not necessarily go looking for a particular thing but to sort of let it come to you. If you take a look to the right you'll see "Penz Photos", I've posted the pictures there from our night out.

It was a mini adventure and not that we did a lot of talking but it was nice to be in the company of a good friend and just be.

Thank you Shari for the Sunday night hang out!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yay - Import and Export

I DID IT!!!! I've imported all the posts from the old template that I had. Back then there was no way that I could get it imported, had tried and tried but now blogger has an import/export feature that is soooo easy to use.

It's nice to have the history back here but now have to read through and see what may need to be deleted, lol.

I'm coming back to blogging as I miss it terribly. Making some changes, doing some housecleaning on here and will be back very soon!!!