Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So the next 5 days are busy baby making days and if you could all send us some positive thots and energy it would be greatly appreciated.

I know some don't believe in the power of positive energy or prayer but we sure do and can use all that you're willing to send our way.

Today i've been extremely moody and have had a nagging headache. I warned my Sailor man that he just needs to nod his head and agree with whatever is said or expect a frying pan to come flying his way at any given time, lol.

ahhh, the joys of womanhood.
Love Pen


Jenny said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!( Remember to have fun!!!)

Tanya said...

Oh man, I remember the days...very well. You are definitely in my prayers...I know how much this means to you...even though I don't know you that well. I totally believe in the power of prayer. Looking forward to hearing about how this all works out. Take care, and like Jenny said "have fun".

Janelle said...

i believe in prayer - and i will send some your way! i hope to be trying for a baby again very soon!! so i'll have to let you know so you can send some MY way! can't wait to see what's gonna happen!

Sharijoy said...

You tell that SAILOR man of yours to listen to everything you say and do everything you want!!! its worth a try!! thoughts and prayers with you... Kali needs a lil playmate!! Sorry had bad thoughts ... that dirty mind of mine working overtime... the whole SAILOR MAN... BEING a SEA MAN.. you know where I'm going with that. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!!! lol