Friday, March 23, 2007

Who else is looking forward to the weekend?


HOLY HELL THIS IS AN AWESOME AFTERNOON!! Hunny and I are bbq'ing steak and i'm enjoying a stiff rum n' coke on the back deck.

You know there might be a little snow at my feet but the sky is blue, the snow is almost gone from the front yard and most of all......IT'S THE GODDAMNED WEEKEND!!

The week wasn't long but for some reason this weekend seems like it's going to be good.

*clink and cheers!*



Jenny said... twisted my rubber arm...I'm pouring myself a glass of wine!!!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

Pen said...

Cheers Jenny!! Enjoy, think i'm going to have a mudslide now after I get the dishwasher started.

I'm going to enjoy my weekend no matter what and hope you do too! I'm thinking of coming to Terrace on Sunday...whatya doin?

Jenny said...

Not too much...(slurs her words and begins to profess her love for you!!LOL)Let me know if you're coming in...
I had 2 glasses of wine and gotta go to's bloody 10 pm and this mama's cut off!!!

joni said...

i love friends ...(i feel completly like an intruder..but hay my names on the side bar)..hehe love the dancin' guy.. you girls are the best...rock on..haha

Pen said...

Hi yahh Shoni, pull up a shair and shoin us! lol

**falls off chair while trying to pass Joni a drink**

Pen has had too much to drink as she starts to sound like Hal with the infamous "I love you I really luv ya!" hehehehe

Seriously only had two good drinks tonight and am now heading off to bed with my Sailor.

g'night Pen