Sunday, March 4, 2007


Hello all,

A huge favour to ask of each of you. Go to
and vote, vote, VOTE for Smithers to become HOCKEYVILLE!

If Smithers wins then our little community of Kitimat will host the NHL game!! This is such a wonderful opportunity for the kids and adults of Northern BC to see an NHL game!

Go and vote online, home phone and I do believe your cell phone. You get 5 votes for each one. I just voted online and at first I thought there was an error but the screen will refresh 5 times for each email address you use. After the 5th entry a screen pops up for you to add your friends or families email addresses. Now this is optional for those of you who don't want to add other email addresses.

Another idea is to email all of your families and friends from all over. This vote is open to anyone in Canada!

Lets do our part and get HOCKEYVILLE to Smithers and an NHL game to Kitimat.


joni said...

Thanks Pen for the post about HockeyVille your instructions were excellent!! Hope we win!!
ps i think you should post it on blogger ..for all us that might not know!! thanks again

Sharijoy said...

I have to go do this!! thanks..watched the other night and thought we weren't in cuz Smithers was announced LAST!!! I have to post this too!!If Doug ever lets me on the puter!!!