Thursday, March 23, 2006

One of my least favourite things is having my picture really is. Reality sucks sometimes. There's times I'll see a pic of myself and am completely shocked how fluffy I really am..okay so fluffy is not a great description, i'm outright fat! But I really love me just got to get rid of Pen 2, lol.

I've decided to post a few pics of myself although full on shots are on the main computer but here goes.....

15 years ago in Cape time flies!

This ones 4 years ago on the Skeena River...we usually go there for a yearly fishing trip for Springs, it's always so much fun.
Here's our nephew Matt, he came and stayed with us two summers ago for 6 weeks and had so much fun. We were camping at Lakelse, he had a great time boating, playing in the water, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, investigating and letting loose.

A little over a year ago I decided to go with something completely different and break away from the comfort zone. WOW, it took a bit to get used to but I loved it. Change is good, wakes you up and helps you feel alive.

Pictures tell a story all their own, you can see so much in a single shot. Photography is one course I would love to take. Have to stop with the wishing and just start doing. Jenny had such an amazing picture that her or Scott had taken and put it on a card for Shari to have from each of us in the girls group with the beads.


Jenny said...

Those pictures are awesome. I can't believe you had your nephew for 6 weeks! How great is that! Next time he comes we'll have to round up my troop!
When you guys come out to fish on the Skeena you have to let us know so we can hang out on the riverbank!
You have the most beautiful eyes!! I've never seen eyes that shine so brightly!!!

Sharijoy said...

I agree with Jen your eyes are stunning.... you take a great photo, you always look so natural in the photos. I need to start taking more pictures of me.... I don't like the way I look so I think its projected onto the photo.... but if I don't I'll miss recording chunks of my life( quite literally)lol

Jenny said...

Shari, you take beautiful pictures. You always have such "joy"!

Tanya said...

I can relate to not liking having your pic taken. But sometimes it just needs to be done.

You're pics are great and like Jenny and Shari, I agree that you have the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen!

I posted some pics of myself on my blog the other day too. I just needed to put a face to the name. Trust me though. My husband had to take "many" to get some that I felt alright sad, but true. Take care.

the therapeutic writer said...

You're freakin' adorable.

Jenny said...

Penny have we lost you in your moving boxes???
Hope all is well...I'm having Shari and Penny withdrawal!!