Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am....

A sister, a friend, a lover and an Auntie
but above all I am a woman who tries to live a life that I can look back on and say..
Wow, what a life and i'm proud to be me!

Very self-centered some may say but after reading Shari's blog and realizing that too often we lose ourselves worrying about shoulda, coulda, woulda...LIVE LIFE NOW! Don't forget to laugh when you want to cry or hell just cry and then laugh.

Not sure about you others in blog land but who has a tough time accepting compliments? Why do we belittle what others say about us or just scoff at it? I honestly don't know how to accept a compliment partly because I don't see/believe what the complement is for and partly because I don't want to sound stuck up/arrogant.

I'm very tired and rambling tonight but just want us to love ourselves, our families, our friends and to embrace the lives we lead and enjoy the moment.

off to dreamland and to float around those stars that shine so brightly,
Hugs to all, Pen


Jenny said...

You always say things so eloquently...now embrace that compliment!!!

Sharijoy said...

I agree with Jenny.... you have a wonderful way with words. And I hear ya about accepting a compliment... sometimes its hard... sometimes I do just say thank you sheepishly and smile... but mostly I make a joke of myself.

the therapeutic writer said...

Compliments are hard on so many levels. I think I've always felt that hen I get a compliment, the bar has been set higher and then I have something bigger to live up to and fear disappointing people.

But I've learned to just say "Thanks" and mean it and move onward.

And upward.

And in a curly cue.

Pen said...

Thank you ladies! *blushes*

You're so right about the bar being set higher and the fear of disappointing others and yourself too.