Saturday, March 4, 2006

Medicated Stupor

Last night:
Turns out there was a bit more then a head cold going on...tonsillitis and ear infection...could that have caused sleeplessness?? Went to the dr. and told him that my left ear was a bit plugged and throat was kinda sore. He looks in the ear and says "A bit plugged? How long has your ear been bothering you?" I tell him it just hurt a bit the last two days and then it didn't hurt anymore but couldn't hear now. Turns out that'll happen when you let an infection go on too long..but if you didn't know it was infected cuz it had only started hurting two days before what ya gonna do? Two prescriptions and a bottle of Tylenol later I head home under Dr's advice to drink and rest as much as possible. Got a hearty laugh and a 'definitely not' from him when I asked if Rum and Coke or coffee and Irish cream were included in that 'drink lots'.

Anywho, I'm bummed because the girls are having readings done tonight and getting together. I really do hope they all have a wonderful time!! Glad I didn't go though as my fever is still at 102 and really...who wants some germ infested freak hanging out sharing the same breathing space?

Tomorrow will be spent slicin' and dicin' potatoes and onions for scalloped potatoes. Hal said he'll help cuz afterall it is for his hockey team, lol. He can be such a doll and even though the phone ringing yesterday was driving me crazy it was sweet that he was calling to "Just seein' how you are babe, want me to bring anything home?" He even called tonight from the hockey game to see how I was doing and to say that he would leave the truck at the rink and get home by other means. *so sometimes he does really listen, lol.

This morning the ear is still plugged but fever broke around 4 a.m. and actually got about 5 hours sleep last night. Feeling a bit daunted by the whole scalloped potato job but we've decided that since only one of the turkey sized roaster pans will fit in the oven we're going to make one very big pan of them. I'm going to watch Hal's game at 1:00 and then home to have a nap and get ready for tonight. It will be an early night but still going to go for a bit.



the therapeutic writer said...

Hope you mend quickly. Hate the ear infections. Blech.

Knock on wood, we've not had a single cold or flu this winter in our house. Now I'm a big believer in kids getting colds because it teaches their immunse system how to buck up and fight them off... but this lull has been nice and a bit scary. I'm sure we're going to get whalloped soon with something horrendous. Yowza. I don't want to spend my summer puking and sniffling, thanks.

Wait - back to you. Feel better. I swear by garlic for stuff like this. Make a pot of tomatoe soup and add about 3 cloves of crushed garlic. Eat it all. KISS NO ONE. The Vit c in the soup and the garlic clear you up quick!

Jenny said...

Hope you feel better Penny!!!

Sharijoy said...

Penny.... What's that you said I couldn't hear you.... I think I have an ear infection!!
Glad you hung out with me at the dance last nite... jello shooters should make you feel lots better!!

Jenny said...

Penny penny bobenny bananafanna fo fenny...
Sorry I'm humming this song!! What's up????
Hope you're feeling better!!! I drove by your house the other day when I was in Kitimat! It's awesome. It looks huge!!! Love the driveway!!!
Have a great day!