Friday, March 10, 2006

So much shit!!

omg, Hal and I moved over two truckloads of boxes tonight and it seemed like so much. I walk in the house tonight and it doesn't even look like anythings gone yet! I guess we realized just how much crap we had and are really trying to pick and choose what we'll keep and what we'll sell in a garage sale. However, Hal is really quick to say what of mine should go yet when any of his stuff is mentioned there's a 'valid' reason why he needs it. Hal needs to go on a mini holiday, lol.

We're excited and anxious now to get it all done. Hal surprised me tonight by agreeing to painting the bedroom and the rec room. He really thinks the sage green will look nice in the bedroom and he'd like to paint the rec room main wall a deeper colour. This is coming from a guy who normally could care less so long as he's got a couch to lay on and a remote in his hand! I love my hunny! He's throwing out all these things he wants to do so he's going to need a list to remember them all.....I have a feeling though that this will wear off really quick.

Living in clutter and disarray drives me nuts, nuts, nuts!! Hal told me to get over it and we'll make do for the next few weeks but tomorrow morning this shack gets a going over, we still need to live here for almost 3 weeks and the real estate guy is coming in on Monday to take pics to list this for our landlord. Our landlord is known as 'DickSmack'. The guy is a total butt and we can't wait to be done with renting.

Work has been good, wish I could take a weeks holidays but not gonna happen.

Here's to SS's and good friends! Chow for now,


Jenny said...

When we moved I used the opportunity to get rid of a lot of crap!! Don't you just love moving??? I am so happy for you guys!!! I am so happy Hal will let you paint the rooms you want. Hey, totally off topic, what is Hal short for?

Pen said...

yeah, we've got three large boxes ready to go and when I unpack there's going to be more too. Hal's better this time then before, he doesn't want to be to cluttered.
Hal's short for Harold. He was named for his Grand-dad so they shortened his to Hal.
Looking forward to having the house in order and being able to have you guys over.
ttfn, Pen

Sharijoy said...

I am soooooooo happy for you guys... Clutter drives me over the edge too .. you need BASKETS!!! haha Doug was the same way... could care less what i did around the house.. but now... hes his own lil decorating divo!!!

Jenny said...

That's so true about the men not caring less until they have their own home...Scott is Mr. Martha these days. He's been such a fuss with the furniture choices and needs to give the final OK with everything else (including window treatment!)
It is kind of cute though!!