Sunday, February 4, 2007


As you know Hal and I are preparing to paint our main bathroom and finish it up. Now he would not be happy with me if he knew that I really wanted to get rid of the counter and kitchen sink as well and re-do a fair bit of it but for now it's paint. When do put in the new tub then that will be the time i'll drop it on him about how I really want it, lol. But for now i'm really inspired to finish it and when talking to Shari today i've started looking at stained glass patterns. She's so creative and her's turned out beautifully. Check here:

I've been leaning towards an Asian colour scheme for the bathroom and one of the pictures we picked out has poppies on it. Therefore, I looked at poppy patterns for the windows.

Here's the favourite:

Others that I liked too:

Tree of Life - I want to use it somewhere, it's beautiful


Jenny said...

I LOVE the tree one!!!!
The poppy one is beautiful as well!!

Pen said...

The tree one is beautiful and I really want to find a use for it somewhere. Took out one of the pics as it wasn't the one I liked, lol.

Sharijoy said...

Thats funny I love the tree one too its my fav....but the one with the poppies will suit your bathroom!!