Tuesday, February 6, 2007


My new motto is: Today is your tomorrow!!
I've realized just how much time I waste here on the internet and i'm truly an addict!! It's really hard to write that but it's the truth and what's suffering is my health. These past three days i've really focused on not being online so much and to get more active.

Today I came home from work and instead of plunking down to read emails, surf favourite sites and just get lost I cleaned some of the kitchen cupboard doors, got stuff ready for dinner, took Cleo for a half hour walk and put laundry away.

From here on in i'm going to use the net as a sort of reward system. So much activity will allow so much time online. The goal (as pathetic as it sounds) is to get away from the internet and back to LIVING LIFE to make TODAY MY TOMORROW!

For me it was a comfort, companion and a place I could get lost when Dad was dying. I would escape to the library and get play backgammon with a dear friend in Australia or connect up with my sister. It was an out from reality and although life is at a different place now and so much better it's still a comfort zone for me and it's really not healthy for my body as I need to move, MOVE, M O V E!!

Take care all,


Jenny said...

Today I did the same thing. Way less time on the computer. I got everything done that I wanted to!
Way to go Pen!!

Tall tales said...

I couldnt of wrote it better if I tried. I too have been thinking the same.
Less time in here, and more time outside!

Kristen said...

I think this is a struggle for so many people. I tend to be online more when it is cold outside. Can't wait for the warmer weather to get me off my rear.