Monday, February 26, 2007

Great book for those of us with PCO

From what I've read so far in this book it's got lots of great stuff for those of us suffering PCO(S). I myself have full blown PCOS with the infertility and the weight gain. From reading this book it seems as though my case was exacerbated by being on the birth control pill. For those of you who knew me back when I was usually around 145 lbs. I went on the pill and noticed some changes but put it up to being on the pill and being at my desk a bit more at work.

The year I turned 25 there was a major shift in weight and other symptoms. Upon reading a section in this book it describes almost exact what had happened.

Tomorrow is the first day I start following the PCO(S) eating. I know for Hal and I that children are no longer part of the equation because of our age but the health benefits alone with eating for PCO will be worth it. The traditional eating plan does not always work for us and with reading this book I also see there are a lot of nutrients lacking even though our eating is relatively healthy.

Looking forward to the changes emotionally and physically.


Jenny said...

Good luck on your health journey! I'm right beside you fighting my own battle, so I'm always here for you!