Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hiking, River Rafting, Weewanie Hot Springs

These are a few of the adventures I'd like to enjoy this summer here in our little piece of heaven.

I want and need to keep moving and what better way then to do some things that really pique my interest and that i've put off for way too long. I've been river rafting when we lived in Kamloops on the Lytton run and had a lot of fun so am seriously considering the Copper River run this summer. Another one that sounds like an inviting adventure is a trip down the Douglas Channel to the hotsprings and to do a little sightseeing along the way. It would be awesome to see some whales while on the trip there.

Stop by Shari's Blog and read up on Belly Dancing, this would be a good workout too but not one for me.

Around Kitimat there are lots of hiking trails as well from beginner to advanced. Well it would be great to do some of the beginners and work up as the summer goes along. Throw on the backpack, take the dog and the bells cuz you just never know when the bears will be about. We won't be able to take Quade this summer but next year he'll be able to join in on the fun. Cleo, however, needs the exercise like her Momma cuz we both be lookin' a little like sausages after this winter, lol.

So in short those are a few outdoor adventures planned for "Living in Kitimat".


Jenny said...

Scott and I are going with our friends to the Hotsprings this summer. He goes a couple of times every year and this year I'm coming with. It will be fun.
My family loves to hike(you should see the hiking sticks that our Gram got made for each of us...amazing!), there are so many trails in our area!
Nothing better than going out in the outdoors!