Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'D' day

Today was the first day that i've really taken a huge step towards getting to be a healthier me. As most of you with PCOS know it's soooo difficult to lose weight, to stay with it when you want to give up because one week you lose 2 pounds and the next week you'll gain three, etc.

Lately in the afternoon I've been experiencing little crashes even when i've eaten very healthy. For me this is scary as it's an indicator that internally organs are not working properly again. Acne is on the increase again and other PCOS symptoms are flaring up.

Firstly, i'm on something to force a period.....yes any men who are reading this, the dreaded PERIOD! LOL

Secondly, a new regimen of medications to try together and get the PCOS symptoms under control and this should help with motivation, focus and most importantly energy for working out which equals weight loss.

I dreaded going to the Dr. even though he's been wonderful. It's just another reminder of what I have and if I didn't then there would be no need to be seeing him so often. I knew it would be more bloodwork, ultrasounds and other tests. It's best to get them out of the way and to be prepared for whatever is going on and work to make an improvement.

So today is one step closer to a better me tomorrow. Jenny, do you have room for one more?


Sharijoy said...

I was just changing my tickers over and saw a weight loss one and thought I too need one of those lil suckers so I can be held accountable. I will post one soon....way to go one step forward today...its a start good for you...I'm off to eat a cookie before bed!!LOL I start for sure on the 6th! I miss you!

Janelle said...

i'm incredibly proud of you! and hopefully following YOUR journey - will encourage me in mine! i'm starting to see/feel more of the symptoms - which sucks. but my hubby is now on the exercise/eat good bandwagon with me, so hopefully TOGETHER we can do it.
i'm still trying to find a Dr. that will actually help me - so frustrating. and the exhaustion is just getting to me.
but hopefully i can get on a good path...i'm hoping. :)

Janelle said...

oh - and i have also been on those pill induced periods lately...actually the last 2 months, mine came naturally which was a HUGE blessings! are you on Metformin? cause i can NEVER remember to take it!!

Jenny said...

Always room for you my friend!!!
We're in this together!!
Big hugs!!