Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Much overdue ..


This is to all of you who participated in the puppy shower for Quade/Rio. I want to thank
Shari and all involved in throwing this wonderful surprise and boy was I surprised, lol!!

The night before we had a luau at the house and I knew
Shari and the kids and Laura were going to stop by on Sunday to help clean up the leftovers. Well Shari calls me Sunday morning and we're chit chatting and she says "We'll be over soon, have you had your shower?" I told her no I hadn't and she says "Well hurry up and have your shower, we'll be there around 12"
I'm thinking to myself "
Shari never tells me to have a shower, she's seen me looking pretty scary in the mornings, lol." We chat a bit more and she says "Well you better hurry up and have your shower." Now i'm getting a complex thinking, "I'm a big girl but do I really smell THAT bad?" LOL
I don't even know if i'd gotten into the shower when the phone rings again and it's Laura saying she was coming down and could I put on some coffee too cuz she really likes my percolated coffee. K, now any of you who know us know that Laura and Hal like weaker coffee and I like it strong...this should have been a tip off that something else was afoot but did I clue in....NO!!!

I was all showered and dressed very casually (like a bum), coffee was on and I had tidied up the kitchen from the night before. I just sit down on the couch to check email when I hear a vehicle pull up and hear Jenny and
Shari talking, could hear the kids, then I hear Laura and i'm thinking "Oh good, there here this is going to be a nice little visit."
Shari says "Oh Pen, can you come and get the door?" Now i'm thinking to myself there's Jenny, Laura and the boys all out there and one of them can't get the door...but no biggie get up and go around the corner and down my driveway is a stream of people, balloons, gift bags and goodies!!!! I was stunned and all I could say was "No, i'm not coming down there!" LOL.

Quade was spoiled rotten with all the wonderful treats, new bowl, visi vests for him and Cleo AND stuffed toys with squeakers that he loves, a Kong and peanut butter stuffing, a flashing safety collar, flashers for everyone with dogs, homemade dog cookies for goodie bags treats, treats and more treats; did I say treats already? LOL Brenda even brought a Pinata and Quade even got a Devil Costume!! Everyone pitched in and bought us a big bag of dog food too. I’m so blown away still.
It's been a couple of weeks and they haven't even put a dent in the dog treats.
Shari also bought a great little book to keep photographs, medical records, paperwork, etc. It's going to come in very handy.

I feel as though those two words don't even begin to cover how much it meant and to have everyone back to the house after the luau the night before. So from my whole heart I want so say how blessed I am to have such wonderful, caring, thoughtful friends.

Thank you
Shari and kids, Laura, Jenny and boys, Michelle and Sara, Gloria and Sam, Nancy, Brenda, Marion, Sue, Tasha, Torey and Rita. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone and this is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Hugs and love to each one of you for this from all of us!

Here's the guest of honour Satan, I mean Rio...oh right Quade

Cleo checking out the bag to see what other surprises are in there and if she can sneak a cookie!

Ms. Kali Joy thinking "oooh, he'll never miss this one!"

Kali and the boys plotting to get the goods, lol

Hal arriving home at lunch...he thought we were still continuing on from the night before, lol.

Hal was surprised as I was about the whole thing AND the stash of goodies you see behind Hal.

Laura and Parker

Gavin and Jonas
Michelle and Quade

Gloria and Quade - Gloria herself is the proud owner of a beautiful boy Dozer...he's massive! It's exciting and scary to know that Quade will be that big one day too.

Tasha and Torey such a sweet picture!

Sue loving up my girl Cleo with Seamus and Kali in the background.


Sharijoy said...

Yeah you posted!! I'm just happy NOT TO SEE MPM!! You are sooooo welcome, you and Hal have brought love,joy and friendship into ours lives!! You are a second mom to Kali and PT and we are sooo blessed to have met you and become such good friends!! It was the very least we all could of done!! Plus as the "BOYZ" say any excuse to get a good excuse!!

Jenny said...

This is the least we could do for someone as special as you!
(BTW...holy bad pic of me in the last one!!!Ughhh...)
Looking forward to our next get together!!

paleraven50 said...

I was happy to have been invited, it was so much fun and to see the "little" guy before he is all growed up haha. I love that pink flower on your template Penny. Very nice indeed.

sonja said...

i love the new flower on top.
your party looked so much fun!
i enjoy seeing you and your friends sharing in all things good.
thanx for sharing, take care :)

alisonwonderland said...

looks like a good time was had by all! :)