Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Penz Got Her GROOVE Back

So the last two weeks have been really rough and extremely personal so i'm not going to go into details other then to say i'm getting back on track both emotionally and physically. Each of us has our own ways of dealing with things that happen and sometimes just need to be allowed to feel the pain, the loss and work through it in our own time without being judged or forced to 'hurry and get over it'.

I've also realized that i'm stuck in a comfort zone of where I am right now and it's hindering growth in other areas so i'm working on breaking that cycle and believing in myself again.

It has been an enlightening time for me and i'm not going to let the negative get me down but stay focused on being positive and to know that there is a reason, a season and a lifetime. For whatever reason we've been dealt the hand we have in this life we must weather each season as it comes and thus progress through life and find contentment.

Show your children compassion, guidance, teach them empathy but most of all love them for who they are and appreciate what miraculous, beautiful and blessed gifts they truly are.

Enough deep stuff but maybe we all need a little reminder again to check ourselves out and where we are in life.


Jenny said...

Beautiful post Pen.
Big Hug for you my friend!!!

joni said...

Thanks Penn...great post.

Pen said...

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment ladies. I was feeling introspective and sometimes it helps just to put it out there.


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Always a good time to share those kinds of thoughts.. we can never be reminded enough.