Thursday, April 26, 2007

Penny needs....

I saw this on Jenny's blog and thought I'd participate. First, go to google, type in your name followed by the word "needs" and post the first 10 sentences that come up.

According to google, Penny needs:

1. Penny needs to switch meds. (Oh great, just when I was getting used to the side effects, lol)

2. Penny needs your help to be able to continue on her antibiotics and to get her serum. (k, laughing about the meds again but this was about a lab x puppy...sad!)

3. Penny Needs a Bra... Bad (WTF!! Thanks girls for letting me know, lol)

4. Penny needs surgery. We pray that this will be the last surgery she needs. (k, seriously getting freaked, lol. Again, about the little dog)

5. Penny needs a new home. Due to severe allergies, Penny's owners were no longer able to keep her. (WOW.....SNIFFS SELF FOR OFFENSIVE ODOUR, BUGS, ETC)

6. Penny Arcade! - Sphere Factor Equal parts comics and commentary, Penny Arcade features Tycho and Gabe

7. Opposing view: America needs the penny. Killing coin would increase prices, hurt the poor, rob from charities (PLEASE DON'T KILL THE PENNY!! LOL)

8. I'm Penny, and I Need a Home! (k, feeling very unloved here...pass the meds!)

9. MySpace Profile - Penny- ever fall in love with someone. (Heck yeah she has a time or two)

10. Maybe Brad Penny Should've Gone to College - Sports Blog (Who the heck is Brad Penny?)


alisonwonderland said...

looks like something fun for me to try one of these days ...

love your parenthetical comments! :o)

joni said...

Hey Pen aren't you glad its not the future? yikes..anyhow i think the google list is fun. untruthfully truthfully fUn lol

Sharijoy said...

K ours was funny....Just the first one was for me!!