Saturday, April 21, 2007


report from the road---- THANK GOD WE'RE IN KAMLOOPS!!!

We've run into some pretty bad weather through the icefields all the way down to Montana! WHITEOUT conditions and high was horrible. We watched the weather report yesterday morning before heading home and it was even worse then when we came down so we decided to come home via Kamloops and thank goodness - it's sunny, warm and people are actually wearing shorts. After being in the vehicle for most of Wed, Thurs and Friday we're taking today off and hanging out then back on the road for home tomorrow. Hal also gets to watch the Canucks game so it all works out and saves us on hotel.

GAME ON!!! Goodness I hope those Canucks play a much better game tonight and that they keep it together and win the series!

Off to shower now and head out to hang in the sun.
Hugs and Love to all!


alisonwonderland said...

i hope you've arrived safetly home by now, and that you enjoyed the trip!