Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where's Waldo?

I mean Shari?? I've been curious to know where they are on their cross-country Griswald vacation. I miss her very much but am so glad she gets to make this journey with Kali, Dug and his parents. Looking forward to them all getting home, looking at the pictures and hearing the stories.

Miss you all!
xoxoxo Pen and Hal


Jenny said...

Too funny I just did a draft of how much I missed Shari. BTW, Seamus was on the computer this morning when you IM'ed me. I responded later but you were offline.
I talked to her last week briefly.
I'm in Kitimat tomorrow and thursday. Tomorrow is kind of hectic, but what are you doing Thursday...Coffee??? Hey I should just give you a call instead!!LOL!!

Tanya said...

Hey Penny,

You were asking how I got my title into my pic? The program I used just did it automatically...you just have to find a pic that works and play around with the sizes and such...this is where I went to change everything...its quite easy, and you can look at it and change it until it works for you...sometimes the pic you choose will disappear after changing it two times...but you just copy and paste it again...hope that helped.


Thats the link as to where I found everything...have a good day!

Jenny said...

Hey Pen, talked to Shari today. All is well...she thinks her dad was overreacting. Will talk to you later!