Friday, December 1, 2006


It's 21 days and a few hours until my Sister, Brother in Law and 3 nephews come for Christmas. That's the best gift for Christmas and is making our Holiday Season so much more exciting.

Hal and I are floating on cloud 9 and so anxious for them to arrive safely. We moved here in '99 and haven't had a Christmas with them in that time. Growing up we always had huge gatherings and the door was open to one and all.

The house is being decorated this weekend, parcels and Christmas cards to the post office on Monday afternoon once the work day is finished. Hal is going shopping next week with Doug and i'll be giving him a list of last minute gifts that I can't find here in town. We've got a closet full of stuff for the kids here already not to mention the stuff that my sister is having delivered here. Have a few bids on ebay for other cool stuff for the kids that i'm unable to find in the stores. If I win the auctions that's awesome but it's okay if not as these are just extras.

Back to work....


Jenny said...

Well the Damstroms will be stopping by your house during the holidays, if you don't mind, of course!!!
Hope all is well!