Monday, May 29, 2006

Who needs Miracle Grow!

Some of you will remember the pics I posted two weeks ago of the flower garden out front....well I tell you it's taken off and to be honest I had to check the dates on the photos and it's been just over two weeks!

And to think we were going to feed it some Miracle grow....guess we'll save ourselves a little change now.

Two weeks ago:



Jenny said...

What have you been doing to it??? Awesome. I still am going to take a pic of's mostly weeds. Tomorrows my gardening day!!

Tanya said...

Very impressive. Wish I had a nice yard. Nope...I moved into a repo, so we're working on the inside for now...the outside will have to wait. Really nice shrubs though, I like it alot.

Sharijoy said...

LOVE the Hostas..... when you thin out next year think of me... the ladys mantle is nice and big two... let me know what color blooms you get.... wish my garden patch was that small!!!! I'll be weeding for the next 20years!!!

the therapeutic writer said...

I love the moment when everything fills out. I'll put some batteries in the camera and take some shots this weekend.