Sunday, November 18, 2007

The week in review

The last week has been pretty much uneventful other then a bit of snow here. Quade is completely back to normal and now in heavy duty teething mode on those back molars. He's doing really well with just chewing on his toys and nothing else. *knock on wood* I can't believe he's 15 weeks old now and weighs in at 40 lbs. He's not chubby at all but looks very healthy and is one solid pup.

Cleo and Quade get along so well except for the fact that Quade likes to jump up on her and when he gets close to her hips she yelps so that has me a bit concerned.

Photography class started this week and it was really interesting. We learned about shooting from different angles, directions and when it's best to use a flash. I'm looking forward to learning more and to be able to take better photos.
We have homework and i've taken some shots but need to get out and take some more before class on Wednesday or go through some photos and use them for the assignment.

I've started Christmas shopping and this year will be cut back from last year, which is a good thing. Hal and I are going to plan a trip away instead of buying each other stuff we don't really need. I picked up a few things at Fields and need to get to BookMasters to pick up some other items. The only thing Hal is getting will be picked up at Home Hardware and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FISHING! *that's just in case my computer illiterate hubby actually finds this place, lol.

I'm disappointed he's not going to hockey tonight as I was looking forward to some time alone in the house and to putz around with the music cranked. Oh well, i'll probably crank the tunes anyways and he can just turn the game up. Who know's maybe he'll change his mind and go...i'll try prompting him to go that it will help work out the stiffness in his groin.

I'm going to upload a few pictures and will be back to post.


Sharijoy said...

Yeah you posted!!I really like the class too but I still need to find the time to do my photo homework!! boot camp gave me AB work out homework too!! YUCK! ( will be thankful when I have a smaller waist!) Still have 300+ pages of first aid book to read to!! should be asleep shortly....pulled groin??? Penny don't be sooo rough with the old guy!! are you around tues nite? can Kali and PT come for a visit while I do bootcamp...Dougs now gotta work!! Gee this could of been a post on my blog! lol good nite!