Friday, November 9, 2007

Ever have one of these days? know the one where you can't stand to be in a room with yourself?!?!?! Holy crap am I a cranky wench tonight, it's brutal!

Hal and I finally have a weekend off together and I just want to be by myself. I felt guilty tonight eating dinner upstairs by myself in the quiet but could not bring myself to go down and listen to hockey blaring. However, it was probably a good thing or the tv may have found itself with a new attachment a la dinner plate!

My body is in such limbo right now and it feels like pms bloaty, irritable and just off. My moods are horrendous and have zero patience at this particular moment, even for myself! I'm taking my cranky assed self to bed and going to try to get a good nights sleep. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for Me to put up with MYSELF and I, as miserable as they are tonight!!

xo to all,


Jenny said...

Love your new template!
I was suffering with the same mood all last week...feel normal again!!!
I might be coming into town tomorrow. Would love to see you!

paleraven50 said...

if I didn't know better i would say that you are heading into menopause, perimenopause, don't feel bad penny not this past summer but the summer before i just spent most of the summer by myself in my backyard oh with Torey, but poor Mike he would ask me if I would want to go for a bike ride and I would say Mike I can't stand myself, maybe you should just go by yourself, but this summer was so much better so i know what you are talking about, pretty bad when we can't stand ourselves right. Sue