Monday, November 6, 2006

Pumpkin Pee Pie

A story as shared on the Rottie website i'm on. It was too funny and a great reminder so had to post.


This year we had a very large pumpkin which was carved and discarded at the curb after Halloween. Lola ,our 18 month rottie had helped to clean it out after the seeds were removed.

While the pumpkin sat waiting for garbage pick up, several of the neighborhood dogs, relieved them selves, basically in the pumpkin. There were several other curb side pumpkins suffering a similar fate.

I never gave it another thought until my neighbor rang my bell on Thursday morning holding a pie. She said that there were such lovely pumpkins left out that nobody seemed to want, she had decided to collect them and make pies.

I was speechless, well beyond speechless. She said "How about you put up a pot of coffee and we'll taste this bad boy!"

I didn't know what to do so I thanked her, told her to wait a minute, ran upstairs, and called my office number which rings down stairs. I got the phone and said I had to take this and asked her for a raincheck. She said she had another pie in the car for another of our friends.

When she left, I called the neighbor for a heads up. No one ate the pie unless our little baker friend kept one for her self. Finally I got the courage to call her and tell her the truth.

All she had to say was "I'm sure the oven temp killed the germs from the dog pee."