Thursday, November 2, 2006

Pigs would blush!! :<

Cleo has the worst case of gas yet!! OMG WE DIDN'T THINK IT COULD GET WORSE but holy hell she's peeling the paint off the wall, clearing room and I tell ya...

pppffffft, pppfffftttt, ppffftttt is not a pleasant sound as she gets up to walk across the room. Willow has even taken to hissing at her and smacking her as she walks on by. We were told to get yogurt and try her on two tbsp. a day and see if it helps, if not then it's back to the very expensive dog food but at this point in the game it's that or having our house deodorized on a daily basis.

I love my girlie but ummm does anyone need natural gas....CHEAP AND NOXIOUS!!!

g'night all,
xo Pen and ppffttt aka Cleo


Jenny said...

I laughed when you said that Willow is even hissing at her and smacking her!!
Oh poor Cleo!!