Sunday, July 9, 2006

Nieces and Auntie

Yesterday was wonderful as I was able to spend the whole day with my two little nieces. They moved to Victoria almost two years ago and I miss them and Sharon so much. My biggest worry was that Casandra and Alyssa would start forgetting who we are or just not being as comfortable. What a silly Auntie for thinking that!! When I saw them during the parade their faces lit up like little Christmas trees and then at work again they gave the biggest hugs and smoochies!

Alyssa and I were chatting while Casandra had a short nap and Uncle caught us with the camera.

Alyssa taking a pic of Casandra and Auntie

Yesterday Shari and I were going to garage sales and were still out when it was time to pick up the girls so we stopped by the house and picked them up, took them to the last few garage sales and they scored Barbies and baby barbies, talk about two happy little girls. Auntie is not a Barbie lover and in fact as a child had a Barbie graveyard for my sisters barbies whom used to occasionally lose an appendage of some sort,lol. But I love those little girls so not only did they get barbies, Auntie played barbies with them. The funniest thing was we were going to go swimming at the pool but when the girls saw our soaker tub they wanted to swim there and just hang out and that was just as awesome.

Cleo was in her glory with the girls and loved all the attention they gave her. They smothered her in hugs and kisses and even had her confused about the little plastic people. She was so patient and loveable with them and earned her cookies they gave her and they took her for a walk with Auntie too and we even had Willow following us. That had them cracking up that the cat was going for a walk too. Wish we had a camera to capture that moment of two little girls in hysterics.


Jenny said...

Gorgeous pictures Pen!!! You can see the love and joy in all the faces!!

Pen said...

Hal and I are so lucky to have amazing friends who allow us to be part of their childrens lives and are forever grateful. Being an Auntie as you know is such an amazing feeling and my heart is so full of pride for ALL of our nieces and nephews.

xo Pen

Pen said...

oops, that was supposed to start with
"Thanks Jenny!"

Tanya said...

Awesome aunties are such a blessing. I finally get to see some of my nieces and nephews this week! Its been two years since I've seen some of them, and one I haven't even met yet.

Glad that you could spend such a nice relaxing time with them both. Take care.

Sharijoy said...

great pics Auntie Pen........ I'm sure the girls will never play strange with you!! you're their bestest Auntie!!

shell said...

aaaaaaahhhh yes the barbies.... My precious barbies, well its good to see that you are actually buying and playing with barbies rather then giving them hair cuts and disemboding them. You are a great Auntie one that can never be replaced. I am so grateful that you are an auntie and further more that you are my sister and best friend. I love you the world and its nice to go down memory lane every once in awhile. xo shell