Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wonderful weekend!

Wow, what a great weekend!! It started out with a girls night in Terrace watching Nunsense then going out for a bite to eat and some great ceasars. I have to tell you that Nunsense was so bloody funny throughout but the 'Rush' acene still gets me to giggling so hard!

After food, drinks and very informative and umm, errr interesting conversation we were off to a bar that was/used to be country. Well the lead singer was wearing polyester pants and that should have been our clue that it was indeed NOT country, lol. People watching was hysterical, Shari and Michelle dancing was great live entertainment as well. The band starts to play Mustang Sally and Shari and I are grooving in our seats when along comes Mr. Peabody telling us to "JUST DO IT...JUST DOOOOO ITTTTT!!!" hehehe, it was rather amusing yet frightening all at the same time. Let's just say after he left Gloria was promptly asked to slide her ass and chair just a little closer so there would be no more surprise visitors, lol.

We arrived home at 3:00 a.m. and it took almost another hour just to unwind and get tired enough for sleep. It's been ages since i've been up that late and being out.

I don't have any pictures to post because I didn't have a camera but Jenny, Shari and Lucy had theirs.

Last night was Hal's Hockey teams annual bbq out at the Snowflake grounds. It was nice this year as a bunch decided to camp. Doug, Shari and Kali were kind enough to have us stay with them in the motorhome and hang for the night. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS...WE APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH and it made the night so much more fun as I was able to have some drinks to with no worries of having to drive home later. Lil Miss Kali Joy did amazing for her first time camping too!

Kali reading Taylor a story

Here are a few random shots of last night at the bbq:

Fire at night

Friends by the fire

Shari letting loose...

Doug thinking "Oh man, thought I was safe over here!"

Hal and Taylor snuggled up

and now a few pics of my favourite thing...

Deserted camp


Jenny said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Friday night and when I tried to tell Scott about Mr. Peabody and Shari saying that "we just came back from a church meeting" he just kind of looked at me funny! I guess you had to be there to appreciate it!! I love hanging out with you guys!!
I spent Saturday night painting! Had fun though!!

Jenny said...

Penny, how are you doing these days girlfriend???? Please post!!