Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hangin' with Auntie and Uncle

Hal and I often wonder why the kids love coming to hang out with us.....

"Cool fort!"

"Kali, close the comes that small horse!"

"Oooh, he's getting closer! Close it fast!!!"

"Ummm Auntie, how is our dinner gonna fit through these bars?"

"Where's the Milk!"

"Open Sesame!"

"Bustin' loose!"

These two little bundles of love are awesome to take care of. Parker ate a hearty dinner, played for a bit and then went to bed at 7:45 and was sound asleep by 7:52!! He fussed for less then a minute, just had to get comfy and that was it!

Kali hung with Auntie for some one on one time and we played Animals on the bus, hospital and Kali's Kitchen. Then it was time to get her ready for bed so it was 'tinkle time' then jammies and brush teeth. While reading a story and snuggling on the couch little Miss K got antsy and let a ripper go. I asked her if she had to go poop and she says very quietly "No, I jis tooted" but she kept moving and wiggling so I said to her that she needed to tinkle before we read the last story.

I remember Shari saying that Kali needs space while doing her business so made sure that I needed to tidy the kitchen and for her to holler at me when she was done tinkling. She was singing and chatting away and then it got quiet so I asked if she was finished tinkling.

"Auntie, I no tinkle I hadda BIG POOP, it smelly too!"

Let's just say the mouthful of water I'd just taken quite beautifully and painfully shot out my nose and mouth, all the while through sputtering and coughing was the biggest laughing fit i've had in awhile.

Kids are good medicine!


Jenny said...

Too Adorable!!!
I love the pic "open sesame"...look at Parker's expression!!!LOL

Jenny said...

Shari's probably sick of me saying this but I've never seen two kids that look so much like the parents. If you'd put Parker's eyes over Kali's nose and chin you'd have Shari and if you put Kali's eyes over Parker's nose and chin you'd have Dug!

Jenny said...

I wanna have them for a night...wahhh!!!

Christy said...

That is hilarious!! They are so sweet...and lucky to have an awsome Auntie!!!

Sharijoy said...

I love the pics.....Me thinks Kali now knows the diff between BIG and Lil!!LOL

thanks again PEN and HAL!!