Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogger ticks me off!

okay after numerous attempts i've worked out a way to post pics without bloggers upload right now.

All's is well in my world and time just flies on by...STOP THE CLOCK! whew.

Holidays were fabulous and I was able to get back in touch with a good friend of mine whom we'd allowed ourselves to drift apart. Time and distance can do that if you allow it so we've promised to stay in touch. Rhonda, Quincey, Laurel and Dennis we were so tickled to have been able to spend time with you and as always it's just never enough. I found that although a lot has happened and the kids have all grown so much it's like not much has really changed. The comfort of an old friend was there in moments of quiet, the sheer joy of just being together was awesome! Tears of happiness and sadness, laughter, joy and amazement were just a few of the emotions felt in such a short time. I love you all and look forward to you coming to our home.

Boy do I wish I had a digital picture of these guys when they were little so you could all see how much they've changed yet stayed so very much the same. This Aunties heart beams with pride and love for this crazy little gang.

I'm still chuckling at the fact that my little sister bought the exact same sofa and love seat. Luv ya Shell!

We enjoyed our visit with Hal's brother and his wife. We also stopped by Cass and Duaine's, saw Cody's soccer ball and got to hang with them for a bit. It's tough now to see the boys as they are teens and we know they love us but given the choice of hanging with your friends or with your Aunt and Uncle....well you got the picture. It was sweet though cuz Ty and Cody did make time for us and it was good for a few laughs.

We stopped by the breeder of our future Rottweiler pups and met Akilah, Alexa, Gracie and Brutus. OMG they are absolutely beautiful with the sweetest temperaments. Given the opportunity Hal would gladly have taken Brutus home with us. What a big goober he was, lol. Carol was so kind to take time out for us and let us meet her and the dogs.



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From there we went to my brother Ted's place and met his gf and her daughter and nephew. What a busy household but the kids are such a hoot!

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I dragged poor Hal through Ikea, HomeSense, Costco, three malls and just a few clothing stores. But the big payoff was that he went golfing, bowling and whatever else guys do when they get together.

We enjoyed our time visiting with my sister and her family, oh man she makes the best buns and homemade soup! Next time we go we'll be spending more time and hopefully things will be a bit more settled for them.

I was able to go see my other niece Chelsea at her gymnastics and W O W is she amazing!! I truly hope she sticks to it and really gives her all because she's got what it takes. Ashley is doing really well too and i'm also very proud of her.

We stayed with Dennis and Lisa and their girls for most of our stay in Kamloops. It's so strange to see Ya Ya (Kayla, their oldest) all grown up and out on her own. OMG she was at the bar with us and KISSING BOYS! (okay so it was just her bf but sheesh, when did she grow up??

All the kids are doing so wonderful and i'm proud to be their Auntie. This was one of our better trips to see everyone. Hal and I actually managed to do quite well without bickering or wanting to kill one another....okay so once going back to Maple Ridge from scary downtown Vancouver he may have gotten in a bit of a mood but he apologized later. I guess seeing people cooking drugs on the sidewalk may be unsettling to a fellow who grew up down there and is shocked to see the change...more on that later.

Hugs to all, glad to be back and looking forward to getting caught up on your blogs.
xo Pen


Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!! It's always nice to reconnect friends and family!! Can't wait to see you!!

Pen said...

hehehe, still not finished, not sure what happened with Blogger but it wouldn't let me type anymore or post pics!!!!

I'll be back and finish up later and can't wait to see you either.
xo Pen

Tanya said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time away! Looking forward to more pics and posts!