Friday, October 1, 2010

Saag Paneer - Indian Food

Wow, talking with Leanne the other day about going to Haryana's and it had me thinking about Saag Paneer - yummy stuff!

Now that her first trimester tummy is settling down we're going to attemtp Haryana's Restaurant in Terrace. It's well worth the wait. I've eaten at the Hot House and was not very impressed but Haryana's is really, really good. There is a guaranteed wait but as I said - WORTH IT, the food is fresh and delicious!!

Here's a recipe that i'll post in Penz Tasty Tidbits, looks like a good one and i'm going to try it next week with Butter Chicken, Naan and Sticky rice.

Bon Apetit!


Anonymous said...

I must try Haryanas but trouble is Mike doesn't like this food or waiting for his food.. hmmm have to see if Tash or Tanya would be up to it?? Have a great week Penny, and Oh so much fun re the puppy decisions.. Mike said after Chloe no more sheesh he's the one that brought her home in the first place lol.. anyways.. should get ready to go and face my day... ttys..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review of the HotHouse. What didn't you like? Did you in form the wait staff to your concerns? The HotHouse is a fast paced restaurant serving 100's of meals a day. We would like any concernces you have to be directed to our owner, Davinder. We welcome constructive thoughts.

Thanks Davinder

Please feel free to contact us.

Anonymous said...

Hello Davinder,
I'm not sure if you come back here to check. The problem I had with the Hot House was the tiny booth they put us in and the fact that we were bumped by staff and customers alike everytime they went by our seat. We also had to ask for service, such as a refill on our beverages or for our order to be taken. When we go out to eat it is a service we pay for, and at times pay too much for what service you get. I did bring it up while there and was told that it was busy and a wait was to be expected - I do anticipate a wait but not over 20 minutes to get a glass of water or have an order taken.

I will one day try the Hot House but if the service is as it was that day I will indeed let you know.

Take care,
Penny S

please feel free to email me at

SueakaNana said...

hey friend UPDATE WOULD YA lol... thanks and hope you are doing A OK..