Friday, September 19, 2008

Why do men do this!!

Hal and I are hosting his ball teams season wrap up party tomorrow night and he comes home tonight all in a tizzy....

Today we had a glitch with the truck - the brakes are leaking fluid. He's panicking cuz he wants to fix them himself and needs the garage free. First thing he says to me tonight when he comes home is, "I need you to help move your desk (in boxes) to your office now so I can use the garage." Ummm hellooo, I'm cleaning house, doing laundry and getting prepared for the ball party and no, it's not going into my office because it still needs to be painted. I'm not moving it into there, move it back out to paint and then have to movie it back in again!

Then he's going on about how much he has to do to get ready. Hello again - you decided to pressure wash the deck tomorrow and there are three guys to put up a tarp and set up the table!

I have regular housework (which for me is dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, cleaning both bathrooms, freshening up the spare room in case it's needed tomorrow night, cleaning up our bedroom and organizing the refrigeraters in case we need them tomorrow. Plus I'm making the potato dish tomorrow. I don't have three people doing this - it's me! However, if it all doesn't get done my world won't crumble - so you may be able to write me messages in the dust on my entertainment unit, lol. The toilet's gonna be clean, your dishes are going to be clean - let's have fun!

Don't get me wrong I love entertaining but I don't love it when my other half gets all stressed out and grouchy with me. If it gets done, it gets done. If not, don't flipping sweat it!


Jenny said...

sScott has the worst "tizzies'...they actually would be embarassing if others saw!!LOL
We had a huge verbal warfare the other day regarding the shop..."if you have a minute do you mind helping..."
Well it wasn't one minute's worth of help!!! I wasn't allowed to leave!(I did though much to great complaint!)
Hope you have a wonderful partay!!! Have fun...drink merry!!!

Jenny said...

sorry for the stutter above(sScott!)

Pen said...

Good thing we love our men with all their quirks. In some ways Scott and Hal are so very much alike!